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personal training

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personal training

Coaching puts thoughts, aspirations and values in a certain order up to setting up goals into a work plan to be achieved.

The process is a joint venture of both the coach and the trainee and it is done in an orderly and structured method.

Our coachers all carry advanced academic degrees and are certified by the Israeli Coaching Association (ICA).

Training lasts 12 sessions and can be executed in the coach's clinic or via Zoom/Teams/Skype , in cases where the coach and the trainee decide it is possible and appropriate.

Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people achieve the best results in their lives, work, business or company.

Through the coaching process, trainees deepen their self-acquaintance, improve their performance, thus eventually lift their quality of life.

This coach-trainee interface creates clarity and drives the trainee to action. Coaching accelerates the customer’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of values, goals and choices.

The training concentrates on where the trainee "is",

And what is he or she willing to do in order to get to where he wants to "be".

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