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We coach via ZOOM or TEAMS. International cover.

Whatsup +97235712617

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E-MUN– what is it exactly that we do?

Generally speaking, coaching helps you to help yourself by finding your deep and inner values and aspirations.

We offer the following coaching sessions via Zoom/Teams/Google Meet/Skype or in person at our Clinic, as long as you’re in the neighborhood:

1. Wide range personal coaching

2. Business and start-up coaching

3. Managers development coaching

4. Family & parenthood coaching

The process for all plans includes 12 sessions of 60-75 minutes.

The sessions are divided to blocks of:

1. Facts finding

2. Strengths and hold-ups allocation

3. Plan to goal

So, lets start –

whatsup: +97235712617

yours sincerely,

Emun. Staff manager

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